Want to take GolfStatLab for a Spin?


The best way to see the power of GolfStatLab is to try it out.

We have created a demo account you can use to see the system - the real system - exactly as it is for a paying member.

You can enter and edit data, view the dashboard and see the reports and analysis.

There is already rounds entered in the demo account, so you can try everything without having to enter any data. If you want to see what entering a round is like, go ahead. This is a real account with no restrictions.

You can also check out the GolfStatLab Zeitgeist to see what a player dashboard looks like right now.


This demo account is reset to it's default values twice a day, so data you enter will disappear.

If you are entering data into the system when the reset happens errors may appear. Simply log out and log back in from this page to start again.

If you have any trouble, please contact us.

How to access the demo account.

To gain access to the demo account, you will need an access code.

You can get an access code by using the form on this page to request one and we will email it to the address you enter.

Request an Access Code

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By requesting the access code, your email address will be added to our newsletter list so you can stay informed about what is going on at GolfStatLab, like the latest improvements and new features.

Should you ever decide in the future that you no longer wish to receive our newsletter, you can unsubscribe from it using the links on the bottom of any of our email newsletters and MailChimp will ensure your email address is removed from our newsletter list.