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Free accounts cannot track their own rounds or statistics.


Frequently Asked Questions

What stats do you track?

Golf Stat Lab tracks over 200 stats. For a complete list including where to find them and how they are calcultated, see the Stat Dictionary.

Is there a free demo?

To see Golf Stat Lab in action before you sign up, go to our demo page. You can get access to a full account there.

Free accounts are NOT a free demo because they cannot enter rounds.

Is Golf Stat Lab good for every golfer?

No. Golf Stat Lab is used by players and coaches that are serious about high performance. Some casual golfers find Golf Stat Lab to be too detailed and involved for them.

Does Golf Stat Lab have a methodology I need to us?

Only this:

  • Everyone is unique
  • Listen to the data

Many golf improvement systems claim to have a special methodology or combination of stats that can unlock the secrets of high performance.

Sorry. It just doesn't work that way.

Golf Stat Lab helps you objectively identify YOUR stengths and weaknesses so you can work on them, and know they are the right things to work on.

Will Golf Stat Lab lower my score? Is there a guarentee?

Golf Stat Lab is not a magic bullet.
It's rocket fuel.

The number 1 reason players stall or have slow progress is because they practice the wrong things. Usually, people practice what they think they should or is most fun, not what will really make the difference.

Golf Stat Lab will help you see exactly and objectively what will lower your score so you can work on it. It's up to you to actually do the practice.

Team and Multi-Player Accounts

Your membership to Golf Stat Lab can cover other players, and doing so can get you a discount. The more players being covered by a membership, the cheaper it is per player.

Multi-player Discounts
Players 5+ 10+ 15+ 20+ 25+ 30+ 40+ 50+ 100+
Discount 24% 42% 48% 51% 53% 56% 58% 60% 63%
Per Player Cost $68.36 $52.17 $46.77 $44.08 $42.28 $39.58 $37.78 $35.98 $33.28

Any Golf Stat Lab account can add and pay for more players with their membership. Charges are prorated so you can add or remove players as you need and never pay for more than you use.

You don't have to pay for another player to see their stats, but it is the only way for groups to get the discounted rates.

Learn more about multi-player accounts and data sharing here.