Improvements don't just happen. We can help you help your players reach their goals fast.

GolfStatLab was designed by PGA Pro Golf Instructor Cameron McCormick to work in the real world of high performance golf coaching.

Get Your Students Involved

We can't rely on our students to tell us what is wrong with their games.
We must test it ourselves.

That's where having detailed performance data helps.
GolfStatLab provides you information on the balance of a players skill.

For a first lesson or for skill development over an extended time frame, objective, accurate data is an essential ingredient a great coach can't do without.

Can you imagine the great Vince Lombardi coaching his players in practice but never watching them play? Of course not.

It's beyond unrealistic to expect a coach to watch every student play every round of golf. GolfStatLab helps by providing you a window to see how your players skills hold up on the course.


View Their Data

After a student posts a round you will receive an email notifying you so you know to take a look at it.

In one glance you'll see if the student performed above, at or below expectation. Then you're educated and able to communicate next steps for practice or the need to schedule another lesson.

GolfStatLab's dashboard gives you a quick overview of players skills and areas of improvement, but we also go a step further with a very detailed report and analysis area. This area lets you dive deep into a players performance to find out exactly what needs work.


Help Them Improve

Do you rely on your students to drive the instruction session?
Do you let the student tell you about their strengths and weakness without validating and testing their theories yourself?
Of course not!

When you have objective performance data to guide your coaching, prioritizing your instruction time becomes much easier.

Mapping out appropriate practice and training strategies for your students has more meaning and relevance when accompanied by a proven need identified in the GolfStatLab reports.

Your students improve faster, they tell their friends and your business grows through student success.


Compare and contrast performance.

The reports and analysis tools provided by GolfStatLab let you compare not only individual rounds, but groups of rounds side by side.

You can even compare the stats between two different players, or see what is different between a players best and worst scoring round groups.

Want to compare good weather rounds to bad weather rounds, or home course rounds verses away course rounds? No problem. Anyway you want to filter your reports you can and view them side by side with a completely different set of filtered reports.


Free Coach Account

GolfStatLab offers coaches and team leaders a free account option that allows them to view the rounds and reports of their players that use GolfStatLab. In this case, every player that uses GolfStatLab pays for their own account and can share the data with their coaches.

Group Accounts

Group and Multi-User accounts are also available from GolfStatLab. This is great for teams or coaches who want their players to use the system and include the cost in their coaching fees.

All Accounts

The features of GolfStatLab, including having the app embedded on your own website, is not restricted by what type of account you have.

All coach accounts can view the rounds and reports for their players that use GolfStatLab.

Put GolfStatLab right on your own website.

GolfStatLab can be embedded right into your existing website. We have created several options for integration from simple to advanced with a full featured API.

Whether you are a web expert or not, we can help you get up and running so your players can use the GolfStatLab app right on your website.

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