Scrambling Percent

Also Known As: Success Percent (Scrambling)

Scrambling Percent is a statistic that shows a players ability to make par (or better) even if a Green in Regulation (GIR) is missed. This stat is calculated by finding the percent of greenside shots (that are not GIR shots) that were followed by only one putt.

Higher percentages indicated better performance; however, a 0% value can be returned for Scrambling Percent if a player has more than one putt after a Non-GIR greenside shot (indicating poor performance) or if a player had no scrambling opportunities - either no greenside shots or all greenside shots in a round were GIR shots - which would not indicate poor performance.

Scrambling Percent can be found in:

  • Dashboard - in the Putting & Scrambling section
  • Summary Report - in the Scrambling section
  • Scrambling Report - under the column heading Success Percent