Avg Strokes Gained

Avg Strokes Gained is a statistic that show how many strokes were gained on average per shot for a particular shot type compared against the PGA Tour benchmark based on distance to the hole from the start of the shot. Positive numbers represent strokes lost and indicate better performance.

Avg Stokes Gained is calculated exactly the same way as Total Strokes Gained, except the result is averaged by number of shots included (Total Strokes Gained &divid; number of shots). See Total Strokes Gained for more information on the calculation.

Avg Strokes Gained can be found on:

  • the Driving Report - showing averages for all tee shots segmented by hole distance
  • Approach Report - in the Approach Proficiency section showing averages for all GIR shots segmented by distance at the start of the shot

Also see the statistic Putts Gained.