Total Strokes Gained

Also Known As: Strokes Gained, Strokes Gained PGA

Total Strokes Gained is a statistic that show how many strokes were gained from a particular shot type compared against the PGA Tour benchmark based on distance to the hole from the start of the shot. Positive numbers represent strokes lost and indicate better performance.

Total Strokes Gained can be calculated by hole or by shot. To calculate by hole subtract the holes score from the Benchmark for tee shots from the distance of the hole (score - benchmark of tee shot).  The calculate by shot take the benchmark for the shot at the beginning distance and subtract 1 (for the shot) then subtract the benchmark for the distance at the end of the shot (start benchmark - 1 - end benchmark).

An example of the calculation for total hole score is as follows: the PGA Benchmark for tee shots on a 300 yard par 4 hole is 3.71 strokes. If a player finishes this hole at par (4 strokes) then that player has a -0.29 for Total Strokes Gained. If they finish the hole with a birdie (1 under par or 3 strokes), they would have 0.71 for Total Strokes Gained.

An example of the calculation for shot by shot is as follows: a player playing the same 300 yard par 4 hole described in the previous example scored par (4 strokes) with the following shots:

Shot # Shot Type Start Distance Shot Distance Start Benchmark End Benchmark Total Strokes Gained
1st Shot Tee Shot 300 Yards 175 Yards 3.71 Strokes 2.85 Strokes -0.14
2nd Shot Approach Shot 125 Yards 75 Yards 2.85 Strokes 2.65 Strokes -0.80
3rd Shot Greenside Shot 50 Yards 45 Yards 2.65 Strokes 1.78 Strokes -0.13
4th Shot Putt 15 Feet 15 Feet 1.78 Strokes 0 Strokes 0.78
Total   -0.29

Total Strokes Gained can be found on:

  • the Driving Report - showing totals for all tee shots segmented by hole distance
  • Approach Report - in the Approach Proficiency section showing totals for all GIR shots segmented by distance at the start of the shot

Also see the statistic Putts Gained.