Driving Results

Also Known As: Fairway Hit Percent, Hit Fairway, Left Percent (Driving), Missed Fairway, Miss Left (Driving), Miss Right (Driving), Right Percent (Driving)

Driving Results show the results of tee shots by either showing a percentage of the result type out of all drives, or by showing the total number each result type occurred. The ideal results is Fairway, and the possible result types are:

  • Fairway
  • Missed Fairway
  • Miss Left
  • Miss Right
  • No Play Left*
  • No Play Right*
  • No Play Zone**

* In some reports the no play results are included in corresponding miss results (No Play Left is included in Miss Left, etc.)

** When No Play Zone is included in the result set the No Play Left and No Play Right are counted in Miss Left and Miss Right respectively and also counted in the No Play Zone.

Driving Results can be found on:

  • Dashboard - in the Ball Striking section, both the percentage results and total count result types
  • Summary Report - in the Driving Section as the percentage result type
  • Driving Report - under the column headings
    • Hit Fairway - Total count result type for Fairway
    • Fairway Hit Percent - Percent result type for Fairway
    • Missed Fairway - Total count result type for Miss Fairway
    • Left Percent - Percent result type for Miss Left
    • Right Percent - Percent result type for Miss Right