Percent of Misses (Approach)

Also Known As: Long Sided (Approach), Miss Left (Approach), Miss Long (Approach), Miss Right (Approach), Miss Short (Approach), Short Sided (Approach)

Percent of Misses is a set of statistics that show the percentage of each miss type our of the total number of missed approach shots. The miss types for approach shots are:

  • Short Sided
  • Long Sided
  • Miss Left
  • Miss Right
  • Miss Short
  • Miss Long

Consider the following approach shots included in a report:

Shots Shot 1 Shot 2 Shot 3 Shot 4 Shot 5 Shot 6
Results Miss Left Hit Miss Right Miss Left Fringe Miss Left

These shots would produce the following statistics for Percent of Misses:

  • Miss Left: 75% = (3 Miss Left ÷ 4 total misses)
  • Miss Right: 25% = (1 Miss Right ÷ 4 total misses)

Percent of Misses shows the percent out of total missed shots (4 in this case) and not total shots (6 in this case). Fringe is considered a hit in Golf Stat Lab, so it is not included in these statistics.

Percent of Misses can be found on the Approach Report in the Approach Accuracy section.