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Multi-player account setup

The multi-player accounts in Golf Stat Lab are designed so that coaches and teams can have one account that pays for multiple players access to the system. This builds off the data sharing capabilities already in Golf Stat Lab, and is just as flexible. You can share data between players covered by a multi-player account and with those who have their own accounts.

The data sharing between accounts works the same way whether the players / coaches have individual accounts or multi-player accounts, there is no difference. To see an overview of how that works, check out our video: Data Sharing on Golf Stat Lab.

To get multi-player accounts set up, everyone needs an account on Golf Stat Lab, the players covered by the multi-player accounts need to share their data with the account who is paying for them and the account that is paying for the multi-player plan then needs to "cover" the other players.

Lets go over the most common way this is done step by step. In these instructions, we will call the account that is paying for the multi-player plan "Coach", and the accounts that will be covered under this account "Players".

Step 1 - Everyone needs an account

The "coach" should start by signing up for a multi-player account. If the "coach" already has an account, they can change their account type from the "Profile" section of the site (when they are logged in) if they need to upgrade from an individual or free account to a multi-player account.

Next, the players need accounts. If the player already has an account skip this part, if not, there are two ways to do this. The first way is for the coach to send the player an email Invitation (from their "Profile" page). This will send an email to the player with a link to join Golf Stat Lab. When the player clicks on the link and signs up they will be set up with a "free account" (if they don't already have an account) and automatically be set up to share data with the "Coach" account. The invitation will NOT automatically cover the player - this way invitations can be sent to anyone whether they pay for their own account or ultimately get covered by a multi-player account.

The second way for the players to get an account is to go through the regular sign up process on the Golf Stat Lab website, but they should sign up with a "free account".

Step 2 - Share data

After everyone has an account, all the "player" accounts need to share their data with the "coach" account, which is done by adding the "coach" to the players Shared List - found in their "Profile". To see how this is done, see our video: Data Sharing on Golf Stat Lab.

Step 3 - "Cover" players

Now that all the "players" are sharing data with the "coach", the "coach" can now add them to their multi-player account by "covering" them. On the "coach's" profile page there will be two lists labeled "Cover a Player" and "Covered Players". As the names suggest, "Cover a Player" is the list of all "players" that can be covered by the "coach", and the "Covered Players" is the list of players already covered by the multi-player. Players can be moved between the lists using the buttons next to their names. You may notice that the players on the "Cover a Player" list are the same players that share data with the "Coach" - this is why step 2 is important. 

What happens if I stop covering a player?

If you remove a player from your "Covered Players" list, that player cannot enter more rounds in Golf Stat Lab until they either get added to another "Covered Players" list, or they set up their own membership plan from their profile page. Their data will not disappear or be deleted, and data sharing from the player will continue - everything will stay the way it is until they get new coverage. This is also true for players who have a laps in their membership plan (usually due to an expired credit card on file) - all their data stays the way it is and only the entry of new rounds is restricted.

Do I have to cover all of my players?

No. While data sharing is a prerequisite to covering a player, the two parts are separate. You can have as many players as you want share data with you, but only cover some of them - it's your choice how you set up your team.

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