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Data sharing on Golf Stat Lab

You can share your round data and reports with coaches and team members in Golf Stat Lab, and we made a video that shows you how to do just that.

The data sharing tools can now be found under the "Players & Group" section, not the profile section.

The difference between coach and player accounts on Golf Stat Lab

There are a few differences between player and coach / team leader accounts on Golf Stat Lab. We made a video to show you.

Reports and Analysis Filters

The Reports and Analysis section of Golf Stat Lab is one of the most power tools you have to improve you game, and mastering the filters on the reports is critical to gaining great insight.

Fortunately, they are pretty easy to use, so we made a video to show you how to get the most out them.

Round Entry Overview

We made a video overview of round entry including not only how to enter rounds, but also how to speed up your round entry using only the keyboard (no mouse needed) to move through the form even faster.

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