March 2017 Update - Groups, Maps and more Trends

New Features and more stats

Groups, Golf Course features, more trend charts, new stats and better filtering in reports.

Golf Stat Lab released some new features today. Most of these updates are customer requests, like groups - one of the most requested features.

To help you find insights, we have also redone the way the reporting filters work and added some stats (Tactx). We've also released many new trend charts to the reporting section. Everyone likes data visualization, right?

We also reworked the golf course management part of the app. The biggest change here was the addition of mapping and Point of Interest searching. This should help add and manage golf courses faster.

We also re-organized the site to make it easier to find what you're looking for.


Under the new "Players & Groups" tab in the app, you will find the new Groups feature. Groups are probably what you imagine, a group of players in Golf Stat Lab. You can have as many groups as you want. Players you coach, friends you play with - how you organize your groups is up to you.

Anyone you add to one of your groups can see the group and its members. But only the people you allow can manage it (rename it or add and remove members). After adding members, each group will rank it's group members according to a set of stats. The rankings are based on the most recent rounds from each member and include stats like Scoring Average to Par, Strokes Gained, Shot Accuracy, Hole Score Results, our new Tactx stats and Putting performance.

Golf Course Management

The first thing you'll notice is that you can now add a golf course to Golf Stat Lab by finding it on a map. Just go to where the golf course is located, click on its pin and select "Add Course". We will import the information about that course and instantly, it's available. This assumes that the course you want is in the Google Point of Interest database, but most are.

We've also added maps to the edit a course page. If you go to edit a course and it doesn't have all the information (address, website, etc) we'll try to locate it on a map using what info we do have. If a result is found, it's shown on the map. You can now update the courses information by clicking on the map pin and selecting "Set to this map place".

Finally, we have added total fields to the bottom of the hole distance table in the Tee Locations. Not a big feature, but it should help to verify that the information entered matches the score card. Another great customer suggestion.

More Trend Charts

We have added loads more trend charts in the reporting section. Now you can see the historical data with trend information for many more stats. Averages and total are great, but now you can see the data that produced them. Just look for the chart icon in the report section.

Tactx Stats

How risky of a player are you? How confidently do you play the game? Now you know with the new Tactx stats. You can find the Tactx Stats under the Approach section of the Reports tab. This group of stats will show you how often you are shooting for the long side (fat side) or short side (thin side) of the green. Shooting to the long side indicates you play safe and conservative. Continually hitting the short side shows more confidence and risk tolerance. It doesn't always make sense to shoot for the short side (it depends on the hole) but if you never do you may be playing it too safe. You may be able to shave off a few points by going for the short side more often.

New Report Filtering

First the old. In the middle of last year, we changed the way reports are filtered. Instead of only being able to include one dimension of each filter (one player, one weather condition, etc) you can now add multiple. The combinations of what you can look at are now greater than ever. Want to see how you did on rounds where the course condition was both easy AND normal? Now you can. Want to see Morning AND Midday tee times? Go for it.

Now the new. The groups mentioned earlier are now a filter. By setting a group to the filters you can see how the group as a whole is performing. This is particularly handy if you use the "side by side" reporting feature. You can filter one report to a group and the other to a player and see how one person compares to a group. We also added another filter - golf courses. Now you can see how a player (or group of players) performs on the same course over time.

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