May 2017 Update - New Comparisonand Membership Options

New Comparison and Membership Options

GolfStatLab released some new features today. One is some new comparison stats we've been working on for quite a while, and the other is the way multiplayer accounts work. We've also added another stat for strokes gained called "Strokes Gained PGA".

New "Strokes Gained PGA" stats

We heard from our members a lot about our strokes gained stats - some people liked that we adjusted it to each player's performance, some wished we showed it only based on PGA tour averages. Well, we think both have their place, so we now have both.

Strokes Gained PGA is, as its name suggest, the strokes gained calculation based on PGA tour averages only - unadjusted for the player. This is a good stat for comparing a player against another player or to track improvement over time; however, to identify opportunities for improvement we still suggest using the Performance DNA and player adjusted strokes gained (labeled "strokes gained" in the reports section). If a player cannot reliably and consistently drive distances like a PGA Tour player, then trying to bring down the Driving Strokes Gained PGA stat may not be a good use of energy - that's why the adjusted numbers are a better indicator of what to work on.

If your Strokes Gained stats and the Strokes Gained PGA are the same, don't worry - it's not a calculation error. It just means based on your past performance, no adjustments are needed and the PGA numbers are the best standard for you. 

New Multiplayer Memberships

We have changed the way multiplayer memberships work to make it more flexible. We used to have a 5 player membership and a 10 player membership (etc...), each with a different price. But what happens when you have 11 members? You'd need to upgrade to the 15 member package and not use 4 of your player seats. That was fine because at 15 players you'd receive a bigger per-player discount, but it always felt there were players that were getting for that didn't need to be. So we changed it.

Now we only have one paid membership and anyone can add any number of players to it. If you need one more player, you can just add one more player. You can now scale your membership up or down as you need to, and we even prorate the charges to what you actually used. Adding a player mid-month means you only pay half a month for that player. You'll never pay for a player seat you're not using.

What about the discounts? Don't worry, they are still there. When you get to your fifth player the first discount kicks in. Then when you need a sixth player, just add them and it will be at the same discounted rate. When you hit 10 players, a bigger discount shows up and so on. No need to get a 15 player account for 11 players - just add 11 players to your membership and get them all at the right discounted rate.

All multiplayer accounts have been transitioned to this new set up, so feel free to scale yours up or down as needed. 

Increased Membership Rate

You may have also noticed with this update the annual membership for GolfStatLab went from $59.95 a year to $89.95 a year. This is the first price increase we've ever had, and it's time. We now track over a million shots and have upgraded the servers we use many times to keep the service reliable and able to handle the calculations on all those shots, holes and rounds. 

The good news is that this increase is for new accounts only. Anyone who has a current active membership with GolfStatLab has the current price locked in. As long as your account stays active, it will remain at the $59.95 a year rate. Multiplayer accounts will also stay at this base rate with the appropriate volume discounts applied and will stay that way for as long as the account is active. It's our way of saying thanks for helping us get to where we are. 

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